Meet the Chef

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Meet The Chef

Meet The Chef

Hello! My name is Sarah and I am a chef and owner of a local catering company. I started Low Carb Zombie as a way to record all of my recipes and share them with others on a low carb journey.


As a child I was always fit and thin.. I was raised on Oreo’s and Pizza, like most other 80’s kids. I loved my McDonalds Happy Meals and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. So I guess you could say I was “skinny-fat.”


I had my first child at the young age of 19, and after giving birth, something strange happened. I was HUGE!!! My baby weight did not go away, in fact, by the time my daughter was 1, I had gained 20 more pounds on top of the baby weight! I decided one day that enough was enough. For the first time in my life, I went on a DIET! It wasn’t so bad… I bought whole wheat bread, ate lots of potatoes and rice. I bought diet everything! Baked lays chips, diet ice cream, even those little microwave pizzas for people that are on a diet. After a few months… nothing had happened! NOTHING.. I did not lose one pound!


My father, who is diabetic, had been on a low carb diet for quite some time to control his blood sugar. He suggested that I try it to lose weight. I really thought it was ridiculous… Eating fatty beef and bacon.. and not eating whole grains and 100 calorie packs all day. I scoffed and continued on with my “diet”.. ignoring his advice.


One day in January.. 6 months into my diet.. I decided that I had to accept the fact that I would be fat forever… or try a new way. I tried low carb. It was amazing! I lost 40 pounds from sometime in January to Sometime in June.. ( This was 11 years ago, so I do not remember the exact dates.)


Since then I have maintained my weight and I will never be fat again. It takes work to lose it, mostly discipline and breaking carb addiction habits. Since I have lost the weight, I can enjoy carbs once again… just in serious moderation. Most of the time, I make my own low carb versions of our favorites and I try to keep my kids on the right track and eating healthy.


I love this way of life and I will never go back. I find joy in being in the kitchen, creating low carb concoctions that mimic the taste of store bought foods. I love  creating something and saying YES! this would sell, even for people NOT in the low carb way of life. When I make a truly amazing recipe, I place it on the menu in my Catering Business as well, where I can get reviews from my clients and tweak recipes accordingly.


I love the science of food, from ingredients and how they fuse together to create different tastes and textures, to cooking methods and sweeteners and spices. I also enjoy continued learning on subject of health, paleo, low carb, primal eating, and how the foods that we eat directly impact every aspect of our body.

I love food, and I love making food. I hope that you enjoy this site, and sharing these recipes with your loved ones.


Sarah Cole

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  1. Donna Tescher

    I love your site!, As a low carb eater who “fell off the wagon” this holiday and gained 8lbs, I needed a kick start to the same ole things and go to’s of my regular low carb life.
    cannot wait to try these recipes !


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